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Merica Combo Dip Pack (3) Spit Buds

Merica Combo Dip Pack (3) Spit Buds

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Get all (3) Spit Buds

- "Because 'Merica Thats Why"

- " 'Merica"

- "American Eagle"

NEW - Double Walled Spit Bud - NEW

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It's Always Chew:30!

  • Made In America

    We’re proud to be the high-quality, local option. Each Spitbud is 100% Made in the USA

  • All Spit, No Spills

    Our spit cup is designed with a spill-proof funnel that helps hold liquid inside

  • Made For Travel

    Dip and spit anywhere you want. The Spitbud comes in at a portable 4x8" and fits most cup holders

  • Easy To Clean

    Our spit cup features a pop tab for quick and easy emptying of fluids.